What kind of health insurance card can you get as a foreigner in the CR?

As an EU national insured in the CR you receive a standard blue European health insurance card based on which you are entitled to full health care in the CR and necessary health care in the other states of EU, EEA and Switzerland. As the card is valid in the above mentioned states, it has a standardized form.

Citizens from countries outside the EU who work in the CR receive a green health insurance card. Compared to the blue European health insurance card the green card is valid only in the CR and is generally issued for one year.

People who are registered with VZP as a Czech assistance insurance company (mostly foreigners paying mandatory insurance in another EU country) receive yellow cards. These are usually valid for one year and indicate to which kind of health care the holder is entitled (e.g. full care or necessary care).

Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP) has started to issue the green and yellow cards with slightly changed colour shades as of this week:

Source: vzp.cz