Deadline for filing income tax return 2020

The amended Tax Code that applies to the 2020 tax period and onwards has introduced changes to filing deadlines. Yes, the statutory deadline for filing the tax return for the previous calendar year remains 1 April of the following year, BUT only in case of a paper version.

Newly, if the tax return is filed electronically, the deadline is extended to four months after the end of the tax period (i.e. 3 May 2021 for the tax period 2020 since 1 and 2 May are public holiday and a weekend), instead of the standard three-month deadline.

The deadline for filing a tax return based on a power of attorney given to a tax advisor remains six months after the end of the tax period. This applies if the tax return was not filed within the three-month or four-month period and is subsequently filed by a tax advisor. However, what is new based on the amendment is the fact that the power of attorney no longer has to be delivered to the tax office before the statutory deadline (usually 1 April) to ensure the automatic deadline extension. This means that the power of attorney may be filed anytime before 1 July, for instance together with the tax return.

Should you wish to take advantage of the filing deadline extension, feel free to contact me.