Trade registration fee scams

Letter from VANGERBERG s.r.o./VENGERBERG s.r.o.

Have you received a letter following your trade registration that looks very credible and requests you to pay a registration fee?

One of my clients did and even from two companies, Česká komora firem a živnostníků s.r.o. (ČKFaŽ s.r.o.) and VENGERBERG s.r.o.

Both letters came some two weeks after the trade registration. The names of the senders were different, but the content was very similar. The aim was to give the impression that by registering in the trade register you are obliged to pay the associated costs. The letters therefore gave the impression of official writing. Both companies dated these offers on the date of registration in the trade register.

Letter from ČKFaŽ s.r.o

They also use names that are supposed to give the impression that it is a state register. This is also supported by stamps or pre-printed postal orders for the payment of the ‘fee’.

Don’t be fooled. These letters are just offers to advertise services. The best solution is to throw them into waste. Without any doubt, they can be at the very least described as unfair practices.